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Ugolini Slush machine



 Faby (CAB)



 SPM/Crathco  Ugolini



 fgl-2 lubri-film.jpg

ssg sanitizer.jpg

4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn.jpg

 Food grade lube

 Stera-Sheen Green label Sanitizer

 Condenser cleaning & repair kit

 file_image.cmp  Manual MT R404

 file_image.cmp  MT ULAF Autofill manual

 file_image.cmp  Exploded diagram NHT UL

file_image.cmp  MT Maintenance manual  

 file_image.cmp  Wiring MT R404

 file_image.cmp  Wiring NHT UL

file_image.cmp  Wiring NHT relay 

 file_image.cmp  Wiring Giant UL w/timer

Ugolini authorized dealer for dispensers & parts

 Services Unlimited, Inc./ Parts Guru

 Lansdale, PA 18446 Phone: 215-361-7000  Fax: 215-361-7434

 e-mail inquiries to granita@rcn.com


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Unless specified, parts are good for All Models

22800.15000 - ugolini faucet spring pair.png



10028.02803k6  kit auger bushing.jpg

22800.17200 ugolini bowl gasket tn.jpg

 Faucet spring pair


Thrust washers (pair) 

Auger bushing 6-pc.

   Bowl gasket 

5 pc. maint kit -ht.jpg

7-pc nht maint.- kit.jpg 22800.22100 faucet handle pin pair.jpg

22800.22100b faucet handle pin black pair.jpg

22800.14800 faucet piston pair.jpg  faucet handle red tn.jpg

 22800.14800 black handle tn.png

 7-pc.'HT' Maint. Kit

 7-pc NHT Maint.Kit

 Pin Tap handle

Pin Tap handle black

 Faucet piston - pair

 Faucet handle (Red)

Faucet handle (Black)

22800.00outer spiral.png

22800.16102 outer spiral black.jpg

22800.16202 nht auger seal.jpg

22800.16202 nht auger  seal.jpg

Outer spiral

Outer spiral Black

NHT Auger seal pair

 NHT Auger seal 3-pc. kit

22800.24300 11x30 rocker switch pair.jpg

22x30 rocker switch set with on-off-on switch.jpg

10028.03206 microswitch kit.jpg

22800.22801 flexible touch pads.jpg

21299.0002 mt2 ded 230v.png

 Power switch (Pair)

 Control switches  

 Microswitch with spring

Flexible pads light 

 Electronic delay R404A. No returns

22800.22610 ugolini 2nd gear.jpg

22800.22639 ugolini 1st gear.jpg

22800.22611 ugolini 3rd gear.jpg

4th gear with ball bearings red.jpg

22800-22501 stator 115v.png

Ugolini 2nd gear

Ugolini 1st gear

 Ugolini 3rd gear

MT 4th gear with bearings

Stator 120V

15 -pc bearings & washers kit tn.png 

33800.04789 ugolini ht 9-pc. retrofit kit--.jpg 

22800.15100 faucet o-ring 7-pc kit.png

22800.04100 ugolini 4 in legs tn.jpg

2807.08811 compressor mt2 r404a compressor mt2.jpg

Gearmotor repair kit 

 Retrofit kit HT Gearmotor

 Faucet O-rings kit

Adjustable 4" Legs set 4-pc 

Compressor R404A 120V 

22800.00503 drip tray black.jpg 22800.00604 ugolini drip tray black.png

10028.00905 condenser  filter..jpg

22800.10000-4 rubber legs set of 4.jpg

ugolini bowl 22800.17400.jpg

Drip tray (grey)with cover

Drip tray (Black)with cover

Condenser filter

Rubber legs set 4-pc.


viscosity adj. assy..jpg

22800.15202 light wire new pair.jpg

10028.03215 gm rubber 6-caps.jpg

10028.03217 center shaft o-ring 7-pc kit.jpg

33800.04770 gearmotor 'ht'  115v.png

22800.15900 auger shaft ht.jpg

 Freeze control kit

Light wire   

Rubber caps for  bushing

 Gear shaft O-rings + Lube  

 Gearmotor  'HT' 

 Auger shaft 'HT'

22800.22600 bracket with bushing ht.jpg 

 22800.22651 bracket with bushing mt,nht.jpg  22800.11700  picture screen.jpg  22800.22634 pinion.jpg
 Bracket w/busing HT

Bracket w/bushing MT, NHT

 Picture screen

 Ugolini Pinions (pair)

22800.26201 defrost timer.jpg 22800.23731 solenoid valve 3-way splitter.jpg auger parts.jpg condenser fan motor repl. 115v.jpg
Defrost Timer 24/7

 Solenoid valve spliter

 Auger part HT

Condenser Replacement Fan motor

 Authorised dealer for Crathco, Jet Spray and Ugolini


 Services Unlimited, Inc./ Parts Guru

 650 North Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446

 Phone: 215-361-7000; Fax: 215-361-7434

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