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Bunn CDS Auger parts


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 Faby (CAB)



 SPM/Crathco  Ugolini



Information on CDS model is included for parts only.

We sell Bunn ULTRA-2 dispenser. Price $2050.00 (No Tax)


Many CDS and ULTRA-2 parts are interchangeable.  

Parts that are specific to only one model are labeled accordingly 

 Order ULTRA-2 dispenser or Parts Online

 e-mail inquiries to granita@rcn.com


 Please mention model & color for correct response to inquiries


 fgl-2 lubri-film.jpg

ssg sanitizer.jpg

4-pc. condenser cleaning kit tn.jpg

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 Food grade lube 4-Oz. tube

 Stera-Sheen Green label Sanitizer

 Condenser cleaning & repait kit

Electrical parts  Hopper & Cover parts 

   cds auger drive parts1.jpg

 28083.0000-6 kit faucet o-ring.jpg 

O-ring 6-pc.kit

17 pc. cds maint. kit tn.jpg 

CDS 17-pc. Maint. Kit

  28080.1000 faucet handle cds white.jpg  

CDS handle White


27179.1000 bunn gearmotor 120v-.jpg

26784-8  cds bushing auger front pair.jpg

26792.0000 bowl gasket pair.jpg

27446.0000 t-5 bulbs set of 4.jpg

 27179.1000 CDS/ Ultra Gearmotor 120V

26784.0000 Bushing Auger nose

 26792.0000 Seal Cooling drum

 Light bulbs set of 4

13255.0003 nsf legs cds  or ultra.jpg

27248.000 temp. sensor cds & ultra.jpg

27643.0000 connector lamp-wire.jpg

27939.0000 cpu torque sensor.jpg

 NSF Legs adjustable

Temperature sensor 

Lamp wire connector 

 PCB Torque sensor

27902.1000 ultra hopper lock.jpg

28027.0000 evaporator support pair.jpg

 28080.1001 cds handle black.jpg

27412.1000 cds electronic control tn.jpg

 Hopper lock

 Evaporator support pair

 Faucet handle  Black

 CDS Electronic control

28082.0007 cds top cover complete black.jpg

32106.0000 auger cds-ultra.jpg

28078.0001 drip tray+cover black.jpg

28086.0000-2 drip tray+cover white.jpg

Hopper cover black 

Auger White 

Drip tray+Cover Black 

Drip tray+Cover White 

CDS (Electrical) parts      CDS Hopper & Cover parts

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